Moments In Popular Music History

February 8, 1965: The Supremes enter the pop and R&B charts with "Stop! In the Name of Love," which reaches Number One on the pop chart and #2 R&B. It's their fourth straight release to hit Number One on the Hot 100.

February 10, 1970: John Lennon's "Instant Karma" is released in the U.S. The following day it enters the U.K. pop chart where it will remain for six weeks, rising as high as #5.

February 20, 1969: "Goodbye Cream," a film of Cream's November 26, 1968 farewell concert at London's Royal Albert Hall, opens in Baltimore to small crowds and very negative critical response because of poor sound quality and "arty" editing.

February 20, 1997: Ben and Jerry's introduce a new flavor -- Phish food, named after the rock group Phish. It contains chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, caramel and fish-shaped fudge.

The Black Crowes- WARPAINT

WARPAINT, to be released on March 4th, is The Black Crowes first new solo album in seven years. Meanwhile, for the first time in their 18-year career, The Black Crowes will perform this album in its entirety on a special run of "one-night-only" shows beginning on March 4 in New York City. Check their website for dates.



I'm Laura and I'm nineteen. I'm new to classic rock, but I'm trying to get as much of it as I can. My father is thrilled--he nearly died of happiness when I started listening to Led Zeppelin :)

My roommate and I love AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Cream, mostly.
And of course I grew up with Pink Floyd and CCR with my dad.

So... that's a little bit about me, I guess.

Let me introduce myself....

Just wanted to say hi. I am new to live journal and was looking for a group I would fit into and this one is THE ONE!I am 46, a rock fan as long as I have known how to choose my music for myself(grew up HAVING to listen to country and western!AM radio controlled by parents sucks) and still love my music and will be a old man sitting in a rocking chair still jamming when I'm oh let's say 80! Love to hear from anyone here....Pete
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Rock & Roll Murder Mysteries


Patricia Kennealy Morrison, the woman who married Jim Morrison in a pagan ceremony, has a new book (she's written sci fi fantasy before) out--a rock n' roll murder mystery, set in the 1960's psychedelia Summer of Love period. The tunes! The clothes! The hair! The body count! It sounds like a lot of fun. She also has a live journal: pkmorrison. Here's the info about her book and how to order it.


The Rock & Roll Murders: The Rennie Stride Patricia Morrison

Sex, drugs, rock&roll—and murder. A slightly different side of the Sixties.

She's a newspaper reporter whose beat is rock, not a detective, and her best-friend sidekick is a blond bisexual superstar chick singer, not a cop, but murder rocks their world, following them through the heart of the Sixties, from Haight-Ashbury to the Hollywood Hills, from the East Village to Abbey Road....

Seamlessly blending the fictional with the real: the stars, the bands, the music, all the excitement of the most incredible decade of the last century...

Full of rockworld dish and attitude, created by someone who was not only there for it but who made some of it happen herself, and who actually remembers it...

And with murder to sit in and jam.

It is a time when things are happening that have never happened before...when artists like
Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger are doing stuff onstage that people never dreamed of when listening to Perry Como...when rock is the hottest thing on the planet and the people who make it their life and love and work are the coolest people you could ever hope to meet.

The time when it was all NEW: the music, the hair, the clothes, the drugs, the sex, the politics, the revolution in society that stopped a war and changed the world.
A time often imitated, always envied by those not lucky enough to have been there for it, certainly never surpassed...and now with a body count!

Over the course of the series, which will run from 1964 to around 1972, smart, tough, pretty rock writer/social commentator/amateur crime-solver RENNIE STRIDE will move back and forth between
San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London.

Everywhere she goes, it's the heart of rock and roll: classic scenes like Woodstock, Monterey Pop, the Fillmores East and West, the San Francisco ballrooms, the Greenwich Village rock and folk clubs, LA's Whisky A Go-Go and Troubadour, England's tiny blues dens and huge pop festivals.

As notorious for her affinity for and proximity to foul play—the "rock albatross", as she only half-jokingly calls herself, a murder magnet always around for, or connected to, a string of music-biz murders and counterculture crimes—as she is famous for her journalistic talent and style and personal dash, Rennie is not only a hip rockworld Miss Marple but the friend of dozens of other Sixties movers and shakers, real and fictional: musicians, painters, photographers, clothes designers, record company execs, other writers.
(And the lover of some of the rock deities who are making musical history.)

First up:

Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore...

It's March 1966 in
San Francisco. Not quite yet the Summer of Love.
Instead, it's the Springtime of Murder. When up-and-coming rock singer Prax McKenna is busted for being at two murder scenes, one of which takes place at that temple of rock, the newly opened Fillmore Auditorium, her best friend, newspaper reporter Rennie Stride, resolves to find the real killer and spring Prax from the slammer. What nobody expects, least of all Rennie, is what happens next...

Patricia Morrison is a retired rock critic and editor, the author of The Keltiad science-fantasy series and "Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison", and was married to rock star Jim Morrison.

Ungrateful Dead: Murder at the Fillmore is available NOW from