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Classic Rock n Roll

classic for a reason

Classic Rock Lovers Unite.
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All Members , Moderated

The FIRST "rock is classic" community, just like classic rock itself.
we like being first.

For lovers of the most classic forms of rock.n.roll. Exchanging stories, rumors, tours of old and new, magazine/newspaper articles, stories, pictures, icons, anything creative, items you may be selling, and anything else gracing the areas of classic rock. read, post and shine on you crazy diamond.

membership is entirely open. this community is for dedicated fans of classic rock. how the hell can you deny someone like that?

as of right now, all that i ask is that when you join the community -- let us know that you're here!

stay active and post whatever --
even if their just general interest questions to one another, let's keep this rock rolling, ya know?

... and ...

somehow promote the community, whether in your own journal (please make it an open post when doing so, not a "friends-only" post), user info, other communities, or whatever else. hey man, the more the freaking merrier!

thanks a ton, and let's all enjoy those good ol' times of rock and roll.